The Jokes:

The Republican have a bill called “Plan B”. Anyone else find it odd that the Republicans named something after a birth control pill?

Facebook wants to start charging a $1 to send messages to people not on your friend’s list. If only their was a cheaper way to send someone a letter…

Scientists say our hands evolved the way so they can punch things. Who knew Chris Brown was the most evolved among us?

The Pooping Log:

There are many variations on the Santa Claus myth across the globe. In Sweden his sleigh is pulled by goats, in Italy he is a witch that arrives via broomstick and leaves gifts in your shoes (I had a cat that used to do this, coal doesn’t seem bad compared to what my cat would give me), but the oddest may be from Catalonia.

There they have Tió de Nadal, or Christmas Log. A family will get a hollow log and paint a face on it. Usually he is also given a red hat and some legs as well. Each night leading up to Christmas he is given food to eat, much like American children leave cookie for Santa. Finally on Christmas day the log will be beaten with sticks and ordered to “crap” at which point the log will begin to drop candy, nuts and other small items.

While beating on the log a traditional song is sung. Here is it’s English translation according to Wikipedia:

Sh*t log, sh*t nougats, hazelnuts and cottage cheese, if you don’t sh*t well, I’ll hit you with a stick, sh*t log!

Larger gifts are not given by the log (it’d probably make it constipated) but rather are delivered by the Three Wise Men. It is unknown if the malls offer opportunities to get your picture taken with the Three Wise Men.

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