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Get in your DeLorian, fire up the flux compasitor, and take a trip with me back to 1988 for the most awesome thing you may ever watch. Trust me, watch this:


Okay, how did this air on TV?  We have 300 channels now and I can’t imagine this ever airing, how in the world did this ever air in a time where there was maybe a tenth of that amount.

And how about that opening monologue? With that talk of cavemen and dinosaurs existing at the same time, Alan Thicke’s costar Kirk Cameron may have been brainwashing him a little bit.

Let’s not forget the bottoms these woman were wearing. They were so high they could have doubled as tops.


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Consider today’s post a PSA. The lesson: Don’t be a jackass on children’s playground.

I present to you the greatest Merry-Go-Round video since Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas:

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broken_tvAnother year has passed, and that means more crazy viral videos. Let’s take a look at some of the best… at least in my opinion… if you don’t agree, well then screw you! Just kidding, I don’t want to screw you, I barely know you.

Jimmy Fallon & Selena Gomez sing about Mario Kart.

Who doesn’t love when professional mess up and make us feel better about ourselves? Here are 15 minutes worth of news bloopers:


Lily Allen returned to music with her take on twerking and other stupid crap:


These families must be inbred. Here are some of the worse answers ever given on Family Feud:

The trailer for the deep edition of Star Wars. Still looks better than Episode 1.

Hey, Jimmy Fallon, stop hogging the best of video section. Here’s his parody of Breaking Bad:


Here’s a classic. Captain Kirk watches Miley Cyrus on the VMAs:


This Beach Boys video cracks me up to no end:


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A fitting tribute to Brian Cranston’d desire to be seen in his tightey whiteys on Breaking Bad.

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