Wheel Of Fortune Realeased on DVD

By Lance Froman

Pat Sajak fans rejoice! It's finally here! Wheel of Fortune season one has been realeased on Digital Versatile Disc! And, oh man, it's wonderful.

All 200 episodes from the first season are here, on this 40 disc set. Each episode has been digitally remastered and given a Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack. Let me tell you, there's nothing like hearing that wheel being spun in surround sound. It's simply amazing!

Some newbies to the show might be confused by Vanna White. This is before she was given those hi-tech screens for the letters. She has to actually turn them by hand. And you know how the contestants usually choose one of the letters of the word "Wheel" during that bonus round? Not here!

While the price tag of $536 dollars might seem a little high, I can tell you it's worth every penny!. It's a super delight!

Artwork for the DVD
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