Everyone's talking about what the hottest gifts are. Every year among the list are video games. Back in 1996 everybody wanted Nintendo 64, then a year later changed their minds. Last year we had three new systems, PS2, X-Box, and Gamecube, all flying off the shelves... well not the X-Box, it was so damn heavy and big it was being dragged off the shelves. So what's the big new system this year?

Well, you go to any video game store and they seem to have plenty of the big three systems, and even used Playstation 1 and Nintendo 64s. But there is one system that every store seem to be out of stock, the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

This system, which debuted about 6 years ago, must be red hot (like it's graphics). No store has one available for purchase. This great system combined the crappy graphics of a portable system, took away all color except red, got rid of any white, to create realistic 3-D red & black graphics. Not only that but they strapped it your face so you could look like a total moron!

Nintendo wouldn't comment on the shortage of systems but we can only hope there's more headed to store shelves. For those of you can't live without having this system under your tree this year you can try eBay, where systems have been known to sell for up to $20.00!


What a cool looking machine!

Those kick ass graphics at work

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