Suicidal Bomber Commits Suicide has learned that a number of suicide bombers are depressed. Some even killing themselves to end their suffering.'s own Mr. Fish reports:

Hey Boys! Mr. Fish here!

So a bunch of people are killing themselves it turns out over there in Isreal, or something like that. Why? How the hell should I know? To get answers I stopped some random guy on the street on my way home from the hospital. It went like this:

Me: Hey You!
Guy: Me?
Me: Yeah, does it look like their's anyone else around buttoneyes?
Guy: What'd you call..
Me: What's with all these suicide bombings?
Guy: Wha-- I don't
Me: Answer the question, fartnose!
Guy: What is you prob--
Me: Why are you avoiding the issue, toughener!
Guy: I'm not, but I don't..
Me: Oh you don't? Is that the attitude you have while people are dying.
Guy: I don't see what I can do. It's not my fault. I'm..
Me: NOT YOUR FAULT? NOT YOUR FAULT? I was born with a huge fish-like head, that wasn't my fault! But I still have to live with it!
Guy: Look, I'm sorry about your head, but..
Me: Are you makin' fun of my head?!?
Guy: No! You mentioned..
Me: That's it...

I then beet him and bit off his Adam's apple. Despite this, I still didn't learn much about the suicide bombers.

So, my best educated guess is these people need counseling. per haps we should send Dr. Frasier Crane over there. That might be fun.

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