sharp introduces concave tv

It used to be that all televisions had big picture tubes and were rounded in the front. Then, starting in the late '90s televisions became flat thanks to the miracle of plasma and sony's made up unpronounceable "Wega." But now the folks at Sharp have a new television shape to take us to 2004: The concave TV.

Like how televisions used to come out in the middle, concave tvs go in in the middle.

"We figured flat tvs already look the picture look better by bringing the screen in a little, we could make it look much better by bringing it in all the way," Sharp spokesperson Tim Bogar told us.

Sharp has even come up with a slogan to compete with Sony's "Flat out Better."... "Concave in Better."

"We're still working on it..." the sharp guy told us.

Sharp claims the televisions will have a more three-dimensional look because; the screen is actually three-dimensional.

"Think about it. How can a TV that's flat be three-dimensional? That's just stupid. It's just the style that people buy it for."

The TV wasn't functional at the press announcement because every prototype built so far has exploded. Sharp is planning memorial for the 536 people who have died so far developing the TV. However we were assured that the television would be really good because, "Sharp products come from Sharp minds."

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