MSN Music Files Without Flaws

Refusing to admit being outdone in any sort of way, Microsoft Launched it's own Music Store last week. Unfortunately, the ease of use is nonexistent. MSN just doesn't get it.

After purchasing each song you must enter in a serial number and register it (or in their words, "activate it") within 30 days of first play or else to song will cease to function. Also the song will automatically put a shortcut in your taskbar, desktop, and start menu. It will also run in the background when you start your pc and have to be shut off manually in the bottom right corner of your screen.

If it annoys you to have to turn off all your music files every time you go on the computer, don't worry, all the files will crash by themselves if you just wait a couple of minutes. Of course for each file that crashes you will get that annoying error box asking you if you want to send a report to Microsoft about it. Sending the report, of course, will just result in a web page loading up blaming the crash on a third party driver.

Meanwhile Microsoft is warning users to update their music files to latest version or they may be taken over by a hacker. And hackers have a crappy bitchin' taste in music (edited by hacker i-m-so-kewl). It is also advised that you reformat your mp3 player each time you transfer a new song onto it for best results.

Apple, owner of song selling leader iTunes, has said they will stay on top by continuing to offer mediocre products at expensive prices... but that are extremely stylish.

Note: I would love to take credit for creating the above image, but I actually stole it from here. << Home