"Magic Stick" gets fifteenth hundred play on local hit station.

X106 gloated about playing the song "Magic Stick" for the fifteenth hundred time on Saturday.

"We're really happy to announce the record playing of this record" DJ Wacky Jacky told us as he hit an applause button on his sound effects board "No record has been played this much since the Titanic song. We still play the song sometimes on "Freaky Friday Festival of Fun" except we add these hilarious sounds of ocean liners hitting things and people screaming, it's great!"

X106 is a local all hits station that prides itself on playing the top 5 hit songs on the Billboard charts, and actually cheated to get the record.

The song was accidentally played for five hours straight on Thursday night, Midnight Mike fell asleep while on his shift and left the CD on repeat, nobody noticed any difference though.

"Magic Stick" has begun taking it's place in popular culture. Derek Jetter now has the song play when he comes to bat at Yankee Stadium. Legendary porn star Ron Jeremy does something similar, we understand.

"We like to play the life out of songs. Everybody used to like "Livin La Vida Loca" we sure took care of that," whatever stupid DJ mentioned before told us "We just have to wait until the next big song hits to kill it. We can't play "Magic Stick" forever, it'll just seem like it."

Is this what they mean by magic stick? I'm so out of the loop. Help me!
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