A couple of weeks ago George Bush personaly wrote a letter of warning to Saddam Husein. Thanks to our inside man (actually Mike Rapstinks just happend to find it while looking for bottles in the whitehouse garbage) we have the text of that message:

Dear Saddam,

I know you hate my daddy. How could you try to kill him. You are so meen. Now I kill you. Are at least I'll have some of my men kill you. My pal Dick told me you have big weapons. He said you got big torpeedos and Warheads. My men will destroy your torpedos and eat warheads. I'll try a couple of those warheads myself. I'll try to finsh one but it'll be tricky. Those things are awful sour.

We'll kill you though. Then you'll be sorry. You'll be in hell. My daddytold me that bad men go to hell, and you are a bad man. In hell it is very hot. You might not care that it is hot since it is hot in Irack. But in hell it's, like, hotter, like, really hot. It's hotter than Britney Spears on the Music Awards. Ha, ha. I made a joke, a funny joke. But just cause I'm joking it doesn't meen I'm not serous.

I warn you saddam. If you don't let us kill you, we will attack you... and kill you! How you like that?


In response Saddam Hussein sent this response:

Dear George,
Hey. Relax. I have no weapons here. I wouldn't kill your dad. He's a sweety. I think he's swell. You're swell too. You're like a miny George Bush. Like Mini-Me, in Austin Powers. You're like a smaller, dumber (if possible) version of your dad.

You have nothing to fear from me. I think it's cute that you get advice from Dick Cheney and your father, or as I like to call them, "Dick and Bigger Dick."

I kis though, I think America is greatr. Just because you're all evil and I hope you die a terrible death it doesn't mean I don't love you. Oh, wait, I guess it does. Whatever. I'll see you in the funny pages.

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