An Editorial

Everyday goes by and I get more and more pissed. It's been a year and a month since 9/11/01 and we still havn't found Osama. Where is he? Is he dead? Is he alive? No one knows. I want results. Someone to point at and blame. So, if we can't find Osama and make him pay, let's find someone else who will.

Let me ask you something? Have you ever gotten really pisseed about something. Something you can't control. You know, you just have a really bad day. So you come home, slam the door. Say something mean to a family member. Kick the dog. Did they deserve it? Maybe so, maybe not. But either way, sometimes it feels good to punch a pillow when you're pissed.

Well, America's pissed now, and Mr. Hussein is starting to look a lot like a pillow.

It's been almost 12 years since we've gone to war with Iraq. It only lasted about 2 months. Hardly a war. They could of taken more of a beaten. So let's give it to them. Who cares what the world says. Who cares if it's moral? I say we kill someone, if can't be Osama, let it be Hussein. Hell all those people are the same anyway, right?

And you know what? I know it'll work. Ever since this Iraq thing has been in the headlines I've been thinking less and less about Osama. If we go to war. Hell maybe we'll forget all about him.

Hey, we'll all benefit! It'll make us feel better to be part of a country that can kick so much ass. Bush's approval rating will probably go up (His father's approval rating was it's highest while he fought Iraq. Like Father, like son, right?). And, most important, we'll all forget about our complete failure to get Osama... say... Bush's approval rating was at it's highest after 9/11 and he vowed to get Osama, it wouldn't help his approval if he was remembered for not capturing him.

So let's kill!!!

Somebody who can be hurt

Osama who?

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