Gibson Apoligizes About Jesus Nudity

Mel Gibson finally apologized about the contents of his movie, "The Passion of The Christ," on Wednesday. It seems in between all the extreme, brutal, graphic scenes of Jesus getting the crap beet out of him, his privates accidentally became public.

"At no time did I mean to portray Jesus is this fashion," Gibson told us from a church where he was peddling his movie, "As always in the catholic church, it should be all violence and nudity."

Parents expressed complaints after viewing the film, saying they had to quickly cover their child's eyes when the nudity appeared without warning after a more appropriate scene of Jesus having the flesh ripped off his back.

"I don't see why I should have to explain to my daughter what 'that thing' is," a concerned mother told as while leaving a theater showing the film, "The movie was beautiful otherwise, especially the detail of realistic bone breaking when they nailed him to the cross. Just beautiful."

It seemed children were traumatized by the event, as one teenage boy told us.

"That movie was awesome. I liked the part where the guy tore his arm out of his socket so they could nail it to that big 'T' easier," he told us, "But that nudity was disgusting. They should of had some naked chicks, that's be awesome. It also should of been in English. Reading sucks."

Gibson that the DVD would have an option to watch it without the offending scene. He said the DVD would also contain an extra two hours of scenes including Jesus getting pine cones stuck up his bottom, which was cut due to time constraint. It will also come in a keep-sake trapper case.

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