The highest profiting movie of the year has finally arrived as a video game! Super My Big Fat Greek Wedding has been released on all three major systems.

While the game is based on the movie, some obvious liberties have been taken. For example, in the final stages of the game you must guide our bride to jump over and avoid rolling logs and rocks as you walk up the aisle. And the whole having to fight the priest as the final boss seems a little out there too.

Some other parts of the game drag as well. The whole entire third level is just having to learn the Greek language.

Not all parts are bad. The level where you are baptized is fun. It's also cool that you can regain lost health by eating schoflaki.

Fans of the movie will also be happy to know that CBS has a series based on the movie coming out this spring. And they'll be equally happy to know that Super My Big Fat Greek Wedding: The Series: The Game is also in the works.

Snapshots from the upcoming game

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