Mr. Fish is in critical condition at a New York City Hospitol after a freak accident on 7th street!

In his spare time Mr. Fish likes to hang out in front of the Pennslyvania Hotel located on 7th street across from Madison Square Garden. Usualy he hangs around until a cab pulls up with a lot of luggage and pretends he's a bell hop and begins to help the people with their luggage. He then actually steels their luggage and sells their stuff on eBay.

\ However things didn't go as usual on this past Sunday (4/28/02). It was raining out and a lot more steam than usual was rising from the ground. Without noticing (he was disttracted by a guy who he thought was Barbara Walters) Mr. Fish became a smoked fish. Before long a group of hungry homeless men had at him and ate half his body before a cop got off his lunch break and came to help.

Mr. Fish was brought to a nearby hospital where the doctors laughed at him until they finaly treated him. More as it becomes available.

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