The public was shocked and stunned after learning of the latest outrageous thing Marshall Mathers did.

"I can't believe he did that," said a fan insignificant enough to bother printing their name.

People just couldn't believe their eyes or ears after witnessing Slim Shady's latest offering.

"It's unbelievable. It just shouldn't happen. Why does the government continue to let him get away with this? What are my tax dollars paying for," said an uptight woman who shared her opinion for some reason.

Government officials were also taken by surprise by the white t-shirt wearing rapper.

"I just learned of this unbelievable, outrageous act," presidential hopeful Joe Leiberman told Space Ghost on last night's episode of 'Coast to Coast', "It's time the American people take a stand.

Members of the media however didn't stand, but ran, to cover the latest doings of the best white rapper since Vanilla Ice and William Shatner.

"Right or wrong, we don't care, as long as it helps us in the ratings," said FOX news correspondent Jim Lupo who cut into Iraq war coverage to cover the Eminem story.

After being asked if Eminem really counts as news, Lupo added, "Well, nothing on FOX really counts as news." He than had to leave to do a news story about whom on Joe Millionaire has the best cleavage.

Eminem had no comment on this but a spokesperson for his record label defended his right to do outrageous things.

"Mr. Mathers was raised in Detroit in a trailer home. He has three platinum selling albums and just stared in a hit movie," she said.

While we're not sure how that really counts as defending him, we are sure you can count on us and every other media outlet to report the next time Eminem does something outrageous.

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