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>>>OMG! This is good!

>>Subject: fwd:re:fwd(2): So amazing, i believe it!

>>Is this true? It's on the internet... so it must be... right?

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Subject: Help me please,,

Hello friends,

I'm bill Gates. Owner of Micro-soft windows. I have a lot of money. I got bored. I just made new X-box. But what can I do now!!

Me and George Bush make a bet to see who can make the largest number. Bush is making his number by making war. His number is will be maDE with deficit. Big number.

I want to make my number with a windows. But computer runs on 1s and 0s. Those are small numbers. And what big numbers are on a computers! Credit Card!

Please send me your credit card number. I want to win this bet. To make the largest number i will cut and copy all the numbers to gether to make one big number!

If you help me and send me your numbers, I'll send you a $1,000,000 US gift certificate to iMusic tunes store. Also I'll give you a backrub! YOU LIKE!

I want to win, I'll be the new emperor of the Americans.

Please send you credit card numbers to: Edarewod Orrobs
1346 Nanoc ln

Orrobs, is my number associate. He has his office in Indonesia for tax purposes.

I am the trusted rich man. I WOULD NOT TELL THE UNTRUTHS!

Bill Gates

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