Family Guy Gives Hopes

By Lance Froman

This month marked the return of new episodes of Family Guy after a long hiatus. The show aired for just three short years on FOX before due to lack of viewers... and originality. it was canceled. But, thanks to great DVD sales and outstanding rerun ratings, the show has finally returned to FOX.

I have to admit, it was big of FOX to admit it was wrong and bring the show back. Family Guy suffered low ratings not just because it was another Simpson's clone, but also because it was put in tough time slots (against Friends), and new episodes were often aired during the summer, when no one watches TV. FOX has obviously learned from these mistakes, since they now air Family Guy against Desperate Housewives and are going to show most of the new episodes during this Summer.

Perhaps the most important thing about all of this, is it gives us hope. Hope that someday perhaps the greatest show ever aired will be able to return. That's right, I'm talking about Doogie Howser MD!

We can get this monumental show back, we just must follow the same steps Family Guy did:

1) Buy DVDs - the first season of Doogie Howser was just released. I already have 3.7 copies (I had a full four, but Mr. Fish used one of the discs as an "Ass Coaster. I hate him so.)

2) Watch it Reruns - Well, it's not in reruns anymore. I don't know why. You'd think with 200 channels someone wouls be able to fit it in somewhere. So instead let's watch other things Neal Patrick Harris has been in to show our support. Like Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, that one episode of the Simposons.... I think he was on that show Ed once.... hmmmm.

3) Buy The Merchandise - FOX isn't showing Family Guy because it's funny, they're showing it because they want money and they know people will buy the T-shirts. Right now their doesn't seem to be any Doogie Howser merchandise (believe me, I've searched eBay long and hard for a Neal Patrick Harris Doll). I tried to make my own "I Love Doogie" t-Shirt, but the clowns at Cafepress made a typo, and now I have a "I Love Dookie" shirt.

4) Sign The Petition - Sign it now! Everyone will always do what people on line tell them to do!

The Star Trek Nerds Fans are raising money to fund the next season of Enterprise themselves. Why couldn't we do the same thing? How much could it cost? I doubt Neal Patrick Harris would demand a big salary, it's not like he's doing anything else. He could just come to my house and act out the show while I film it with my webcam.

I've started a collection up. So far I put in $3.26 of my own money, and after collecting at the mall all week I've gotten it up to $4.26 (I got a dollar from some woman by saying bringing back Doogie would be good for "The Troops") So everyone please send me your money so we may one day enjoy our Dookie Doogie Howser.

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