Among the random quotes and stories to make the newspaper after Self Appointed President Bush's State of the Union address, one was over looked.

Bush took a firm stand on's Pop-up ads.

"I sent an email from the AOL to the Webmaster of and demanded he desisted from filling my desktop with pop-up ads for his school mate reunion service. He failed to respond. This cannot be tolerated. The American public spends $24.95 a month for their AOL service, they should not be bombarded with these evil Pop-up ads," Bush told the public during his address.

"These ads are works of terrorism. As an American I have should not have to close that stupid little window every time I go to read the Blondie comic online. Clicking on that little X in a box can be tricky."

After this statement, Bush received a standing ovation, although this time it wasn't just because the people wanted to stretch.

" will pay for their actions. They were told to desist from their popping. Perhaps they have weapons of mass destruction. I don't know that they don't. They haven't said that they don't, that sounds like a clear sign of guilt to me. "It's time to take action. The next time I get one of those pop-up ads for their site I'm having my black slave, er, I mean buddy Colin Powell shoot a hole right into the monitor. That ought to teach 'em."

For those of you who think it's poetic justice that Bush's monitor will be destroyed, think again. It's our tax dollars that pay for those monitors.

Bush then went on to talk about how he hates those new blinking lights on cell phone antennas.

Blah, blah, blah

Who'd want to be reunited with thse losers anyway?

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