Chappelle Tells 50,000th Self-Deprecating Black Joke

Comedian Dave Chappelle received a standing ovation yesterday after reaching a carear milestone

After featuring a joke about eating at KFC on his show it was announced to the audience it was Chappelle's 5,000th Self-Deprecating Black joke. This places his second on the all time list to only to Chris Rock.

I feel honored to reach this mark, Chapelle told us between skits about Lil' Johns speech habits, I finally have something to show for all my hard work.

Chappelle still has a long way to go to catch Chris Rock, although according to the Elias Sports burrow, Chappelle is the sole owner of the record for most jokes about a crack addict by a right handed black man weighing less than 150lbs named Dave with a show on Cable TV.

Comedy Central is planning another clip show (the 32nd out of the 41 episodes made) to celebrate this feat. << Home