It's been just weeks after McDonald's announced that it was going to change the oil their fries were being cooked in to make them healthier, but it appears that the trend won't continue.

Wednesday McDonalds is introducing a new item to their menu; "The McGrease Sandwich". The burger will be 100% grease topped with cheese and a "special" sauce. Oh, and of course there will be a pickle slice on there too.

"It was a no brainer to up the (the McGrease)," said the McDonald's spokesman as he scratched away some of his dandruff, "we just took the tastiest part of the burger and got rid of the rest."

Despite McDonald's claim on the greatness of the burger, many health expers agree this might be the unhealthiest thing to hit the fast food market since Wendy's had the Biggie Heartattack. That sandwich was speculated to have caused the death of founder Dave Thomas. After his death Wendy's discontinued the sandwich and replaced it for a limited time with the "Dave Thomas memorial burger," which tasted a lot like chicken, was served with fava beans, and was endorsed by Anthony Hopkins.

McDonalds has declined the rumor that the special sauce on the McGrease is actually from the two year gone Arch Deluxe.

The sandwich is scheduled to go on sale later this month.

The burger in question

A satisfied custeromer tasting the burger

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