This past Wednesday a different type of MTV music awards was seen by the channel's brain dead viewers. Now that MTV's programing is only actualy 2% music there was no choice but to change the way the awards worked.

"This was the first year that there was actually more award categories than music videos we showed in the past year," Carson Daily said as he posed shirtless for a picture to appear in Teen Beat Magazine.

Eminem, who now attracts more pre-teens then R. Kelley, was one of the select few artist to recieve airplay on MTV without being an annoying boy band or annoying teen female singer. Instead he's an annoying white rapper, something we havn't had since the early '90s. Of course Vanilla Ice was no Eminem, he was never clevor enough to rhyme anthrax with tampax.

Eminem won some of the normal awards, including best video, but in order to fit the new MTV new categories had to be added.

New categorie winners include:

Best shameless display of breasts: Britney Spears
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Whore of the year: Christina Agulara
Best band that didn't win an award: They Might Be Giants
Greatest show where you can't understand a single word but they still seem to be able to bleep out words: The Osbornes

If you missed the awards, don't worry, MTV plans to rerun the show multiple times within the next couple of weeks in attempt to air even less actual music. Also tune to MTV to check all your other favorite non-music shows including: Jackass, The Osbournes, Real World, WWE wrestling, Tom Green, I Bet You Will, that stupid comercial with the guy selling a suction cup on a stick, Road Rules, Sorority Life, Undressed, Wannabees, more psychic commercials than worth mentioning, Dismissed, News Now, and a bunch of other crap that'll make you forget that the "M" in MTV stands for music.

Oxy at the music awards

Eminem saying something someone will find offensive... probably.. it's a good bet