By Mike Rapstinks

Despite promises of more frequent updates, was not updated at all this past week. The two regualr visitors of the site were indifferent.

"This is nothing new," said Rich Mead of Wyandanch, NY, "they always say they're going to update, but they don't. You get used to it."

Most people could care less after hearing the news on TV.

"Are they that desperate for news that they have to report this crap? Nobody cares!" Barbara Talbot of Baltimore said.

We asked FOX news why they reported such a stupid story. But they refused to talk to us because we were just making this whole thing up it being on TV.

"Sometimes you need to make some facts up to keep the reader interested," I said to myself as I was writing this stupid story and wish I was dead for getting assigned such a stupid story.

The unupdated yeah, whatever...
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