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Freaks and Geeks

You suck. You never watched Freaks and Geeks when it originaly aired 4 years ago on NBC. Perhaps you thought it was another Dawson's Creek teenage drama crap. Maybe you didn't watch it because you thought it was just for teenagers. Maybe you even tried to stay away from freaks and geeks in high school, so why the hell would you watch a show about them. Whatever the reason you didn't watch it, you should regret it.

If you ever had an awkward moment in your high school life, ever tried so desperately to fit in, or worried about what everyone else though of you, you should check this show out. I hate to sound so subjective, but this show was truly one of the best that aired, and deserved much more than the 17 episodes it got.

The show revolves around the Weir siblings in 1981. Sam is a geek. He's seen Star Wars over 20 times and idolizes Steve Martin. His friends Bill and Neil are also geeks, perhaps even bigger than himself. Lindsey desperately wants to fit in with her new friends, who are "freaks," but can not seem to her goody two shoes past behind her.

This show is about as realistic of a show about high school life has ever been, and probably ever will be, never focusing on the unrealistic drama of the jocks and cheerleaders. Nor does it features actors playing kids half their age.

Watching certain moments in the show you'll see yourself in every character. You'll find yourself cringing at certain times, sympathizing with the characters on the show.

The fact that this show is set in the 1980's seems to have little to do with what the show is about. The characters and events could easily been moved to current day without sacrificing much. But with the show taking place 20 years ago we get too see a show featuring an Atari and other about disco, and that can't be all that bad... I guess.

I suggest going down to Blockbuster and renting the first disc to see for yourself (since I doubt you'd want to spend $50 on the set, or $120 for the fan edition for sale on the official website). Of course you could always download the first episode off Kazaa, but that would be a no-no.