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Cheesegod.com, the comic

4/4/03 - Movie Mayham
3/27/03 - Water Cooler fun

Political Comics

2/11/05 - State Of The Union & N. Korea
Duct & Cover

"Untitled Toons" straight from the oddball mind of Jonathan Monaco.

August 2004

Skullivan - A slideshow for the They Might Be Giants Song
Presidental Idol - If I had spent more time making this perhaps it would of been better.... perhaps

Febuary 2004

A Day In The Life Of Howard Dean - In a couple of days this will be so outdated...

December 2003

Good news Mr. President - With the President

June 2003

A special cut scene from The Matrix - With Mr. Daddy

May 2002

Ed The Janitor 3 - With Ed The Janitor

September 2001

The Unexpected - With Mr. Funk, Hank, and surprise guest!
Ed The Janitor 2 - With Ed the Janitor

July 2001

Staring Contest - With Mr. Funk and Hank
Ed the Janitor - With Ed the Janitor
I don't want to be first on line - With Mr. Funk and Hank

December 2000

DAVE THOMAS EATS - With Dave Thomas, Daddyman, and more.

November 2000

PRESIDENTAL DANCE PARTY - With George W. Bush and Al Gore

September 2000

Sick Day - With Hank and Mr. Funk

July 2000

Dr. Boogie - With Dr. Boogie and Mr. Funk

March 2000

LOLLIPOP - With Daddyman