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Fake News

Bush Accidently Visits Iraq for Thanksgiving

The nation was stunned upon learning the news that supposed Bush visited Iraq on Thanksgiving. But Bush admitted yesterday to friends that he was actually trying to travel to Turkey, in search of a thanksgiving dinner, and arrived on accident Iraq due to using "an old map.".

These friends, who I suppose aren't very good friends since they leaked this information, also told us that Bush was very scared when he learned he had arrived in Iraq because that was where the "boogeyman" his dad had told him about when he was a kid (or at least 35 years old) lived. Bush gathered up his courage by putting on his army jumpsuit and pretending he was one of those brave men he had seen on Hogan's Heroes.

Bush was initially disappointed thinking he would only be able to eat beef jerkey, microwave burritos, and slurpees because "that's all those Hindu people sell". Bush was finally able to settle in once he found out there was some turkey, although he was somewhat disappointed there wasn't any of those cool 7 -Eleven Big Bite Bacon Cheeseburger logs available.

Our sources told us Bush left happy with his souvenir "I Visited Iraq and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt" T-Shirt and, proving the proclamation on the shirt was false, a Iraqi snow globe. Bush spent most of his time on the trip back home working on his letter to Santa Clause and playing Battlefield 1942 while wishing a loud that "this war was as cool as the one in my video game."

In case you're wondering why this story has just been posted almost a month after this would of been actually topical... bite me.

The turkey with a fake turkey