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Star Wars DVD Disappointing

s thousands are expected to line up tonight at the Virgin record store tonight for their chance to get a copy of the highly anticipated Star Wars DVD, early viewers warn that it will be disappointing to hardcore fans.

George Lucas just can't help but tinker with his old films. Improving special effects is one thing, but this time Lucas has gone overboard.

How bad could it be you ask? Well, for one, it seems George Lucas wants to make sure fans are able to link the new Star Wars films with the old ones. He's done this replacing several actors in the trilogy with the ones that played them in the new films. At a couple of points throughout the film Darth Vader lifts his visor to reveal Hayden Christensen underneath, who proceeds to wink at the audience. It also seems it's now necessary for Princess Leila to have a tattoo on her right arm of Natalie Portman with the word "Mom" underneath.

But perhaps these are just little nitpicks compared to the added scene of Jabba the Hut meeting up with Howard The Duck to discuss John Kerry's Vietnam record. And if you think that's odd, it seems Lucas has decided he wanted give fans something they really want by adding the death of Jar Jar Binks to Episode IV. Not that fans won't appreciate it, but the storyline of Jar Jar's husband taking him out on a boat and strangling him before dumping him over the side seems both out of place and inappropriate.

Did I mention the product placement? Oh yes, surely I did. Halfway through the ewok battle scene in Return Of The Jedi the ewoks line up and do the Pepto-Bismol dance.

But perhaps I'm making too big of a deal over all this. Many of the fans we interviewed complained immensely about the changes but then conceded to spend the $60 to preorder the DVD anyway... as well as $80 on the new "DVD edition" action figures... and $20 on the Star Wars DVD T-shirt.... and $55 on the new Star Wars Video Game... and $10 on the Star Wars brand Shaving Cream.

May the farce be with you!