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Fake News

Britney Spears Marries Jason Alexander

People all over the country were waking up dis' morning to the news of Britney Spears getting married, finaly justifying the Orange Terror alert level. But if the websites reporting new are correct, and when are they not, Britney Spears has married former Seinfeld star. current unemployed loser, Jason Alexander.

We at first were shocked, then realized we didn't care, then we sat around for a while quoting Family Guy episodes (Heh, Heh "What do you want me to do? Whack off a guy? Off a guy? Whack off a guy?"). Then after getting tired off that, which didn't take too long, we realized we hadn't updated the website in a while, so we called a couple of our connections to Britney Spears and managed to uncover this photo:

In this cheesegod.com exclusive photo we see without a doubt that this marriage is real. After Justin Timberlake and now with Jason Alexander we see That Britney has some kind of annoying loser fetish. Something that will make many of her fans happy, which according to a recent Wall Street Journal poll 80% of the people who buy her record are annoying losers (the other 20% buy them as joke presents for their friends).

So can the future hold for these two? Wacky sitcoms? Perhaps a Sony and Cher type show? Let's sure hope not.