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Fake News


The US Government announced that it was Saddam Hussein that responsible for the deaths of Tupac and Biggie.

It had nothing to do the east side or the west, but rather Middle East Side. The US Government provided the picture on the right as "documented proof" of the murder.

Some skeptics say however that the government is only saying this because they want support for the war. As a news source though we must agree with whatever the government says, or else we might not get future scoops or interviews with congressmen and such. So we agree this with this war 100% and all that we're doing there.

We also agree with government on the following:

  • Saddam Hussein is evil.
  • It is America's job to tell the people of Iraq what they want
  • Saddam Hussein was responsible for the death of Jesus
  • Saddam Hussein is responsible for the awful TV version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  • Our God is better than their god
  • Saddam would not make a very good lover
  • The rich need tax cuts more than the poor
Good night folks, and god bless America!!!!
Mr. Fish says: I don't like this story, it's too un-American, we must support our troops. If that bastard Saddam was here I'm lay an egg in his coffee.. do those Arabs even drink coffee?

Lance Froman says: I disagree, I think the best way to support our troops is to bring them home.

Mike Says: Shut up Lance, there's no way I'm paying $2 a gallon for gas.

Nick says: It figures you'd give into that stupid alternative press garbage, with your big fro and all... Man, I wonder if Saddam had anything to do with the death of Right Said Fred... I liked that guy

Mike says:: I don't think Right Said Fred is dead, unless you count his carear. I like that guy to if you know what I mean, and if you do, please tell me, cause I don't.

Documented proof, thanks to two sloppy seconds in photoshop.