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Pepsi Cans To Have Internet Access

Soft drink drinkers will have another reason to drink their soft drinks this summer. Pepsi plans to incorporate online capabilities in their soda cans.

"That's what the kids want these days, right? Online access and crap," said Pepsi chairman Joe Orsulak.

These new cans will allow drinkers to access the latest nutrition information, download new skins for the can, and to listen to an MP3 of Britney spears slurping a can of soda. After drinking the soda within it can easily be crumpled up and thrown out... or recycled if you want your 5 cent deposit back.

"It's new, it's revolutionary, it's cool. So buy it already," said the already mentioned Pepsi chairperson.

The Pepsi is expected to go sale this July, although some grocers are already taking preorders. It will cost about $20 a can and will require three AAA batteries that are not included. The can must also be connected to a phone line and a optional keyboard must be purchased to access some features. The keyboard will only be available in Japan however but can be imported for the low price $120, feel free to check eBay for lower prices.

Coke has no plans to introduces a drink with online capacities, but is considering a bottle with a flashing bottle cap light.