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Fake News


In a year that saw Pepsi and Coke intoduce 82 new soda flavors, including Vanilla Coke, Live Wire Mountain Dew, Toothpaste flavor Dr. Pepper, Cookies and Onion Pepsi, nothing has changed. Coke is still number one, Pepsi number two.

Pepsi, sick of being second instead of one, decided they had little choice but to intoduce the inevedable:

Coke flavored Pepsi

The new soda, which will only currently be released on a limited basis during the falls to stores with employees named frank, is Pepsi's latest desperate move to overthrow the Coke kingdom.

The soda, named Pepsi: Coke, is advertised as "The Coke flavored soda for a new generation." It is already being advertised on Spike TV and during repeats of Friends. The ads feature a group of dinosaurs drinking coke, who are destroyed by a giant meteor with the Pepsi logo on it when it lands on top of them.

This is just the latest Pepsi knockoff of a coke product. Wild cherry Pepsi came from Cherry Coke, Pepsi Vanilla came from Vanilla Coke, Sierra Mist came from 7-UP, Crystal Pepsi came from Urine found behind a builiding.

Experts agree however that this new Pepsi: Coke will do little to help sales. "People don't buy Coke because thay like it's taste, that would be stupid," Tip Danzig, Profesor of Soda related Studies at Suffolk Community Colledge told us in a lesbian chatroom, "they buy it cause it has a red label... and it has Santa on it during Christmas time. And how can you turn down Santa?"

There was also plans to release a Tab flavored Pepsi, but that was decided to be "just dumb."