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Hussein Quotes from Court Trial

By now we've all heard the infamous quotes that have come out of the Hussein trial such as, "(I've got) millions stashed away," and, "Careful, I'm an old man." But here are some lesser heard quotes:

After asking if he'd been tortured in prison:
Are you kidding? Of course I have! You think I wanted to grow this beard? The Americans forced me to!

You don't understand; I could of had class; I could of been a contender; I could of been somebody; instead of a bum, which is what I am. Let's face it.

In a sudden outburst:
Holy sh*t! I just figured it out! This war was all about the oil!

Showing aggression towards officials questioning him:
You see what I'm doing? I'm pretending my fingers are guns and I'm shooting you! Scared?

Again on prison torture:
I offered to be led around naked on a leash. That would of been nice. That Lynndie England chick is hot.

I will confess to these crimes.... if you can snatch this pen from my hand.