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This is the hard manual labor and pissed off faces show. If you love seeing bitchy women do hard labor to get what they want, or at least think they're getting what they want, then this was the episode for you.

It seems someone on the show must have decided it was time that the women on the show pull their own weight. What better way to accomplish this than to make them pick grapes.

Apparently actually doing work wasn't their forte. It all starts with the butler telling our group of gold diggers that they will be spending the day outdoors. Because Joe is an outdoorsman, to which all the girls sound excited about. Which makes what they do outdoors all that more better.

The girls are divided into three groups of four. The first goes to a grape field with Joe (note, I know his real name isn't Joe, but I don't care). They're told they have to pick grapes and put them in a bucket strapped to Joes back making this all seem a lot more like Double Dare than Joe Millionaire.

The girls start picking grapes and soon find that it's much harder work than they had originally thought. After picking a couple they kind of slow down and stop, which brings us to the best part, the grape dude comes out and yells at them telling they haven't done enough. So of course they go back to work. This is so satisfying because we know they're really doing it for nothing. It'd be so funny if, like, say I did this whole website and never got paid for it... oh wait.. I don't.

During the grape fiasco Joe pays special attention to a girl with hair like Princess Leila, and for those of you who watched "I Love the '80s" on VH1, you'd know that about everyone who's about that age has the hots for her.

Our second group is going to go on an old-fashioned train ride. But first, they must shovel coal into the engine. Fun! After pretty much missing the fire completely with their first couple of tries they finally get it and begin their ride.

Now we learn why they call her Melissa Jo-Jo. Just like Mojo Jo-Jo from the powerpuff girls, she couldn't stop talking about herself. During the whole train ride she constantly talks about herself while the other girls just sit there. She also kind of looks like an ape.

Finally our last group gets to ride horses! But first, yep you guessed it. They must clean the stables. They do the worse job possible causing Joe to say he felt sorry for the horses.

Speaking of riding horses, one girl can't do it. She has trouble getting the horse to do what she wants, but Joe comes to her rescue causing the other girls to accuse her of staging the whole thing. This begins the fighting.

Bitch. Bitch. Bitch. This is pretty much the summary for the last half of the episode. As Joe must pick who stays and who goes, the room is just full of bitchy faces.

As soon as Joe is done making his choices, one last nail must be driven into the coffin of those who were not chosen. They are told everyone must pack, both those not chosen and those who were, because those still in the game were going to Paris.

Till episode 3....