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By now you've heard all about Joe...

You probably saw in Entertainment Weekly that he made some money acting in a soap opera.

You read in TV Guide that he got a few thousand for modeling.

But has learned another fact about 'Joe Millionaire' (if that is his real name) that those fat cats at FOX don't want you to know.

In 2001 Mr. Millionaire purchased three scratch n' win lotto tickets a local 7-Eleven. The first two were losers, but on the third Joe managed to scratch off three liberty bells winning him $10.

"No, I don't remember selling it to him. I sell hundreds off lotto tickets a day," the clerk at the 7-Eleven told us, "I can't remember every single one that I sell." Hmmm, it seems Joe must of already payed him off with some of his winnings.

Intrigued, we decided to call the IRS to see if he claimed it on his taxes last year.

"I'm sorry, we can't give out that information," the woman who answered the phone at the IRS told us.

"Oh, c'mon," we reasoned.


Oh, c'mon," we continued to reason.


"What if, say, I were to accidentally include a shirt in with my tax return this year?"

"Than we'd have you arrested for attempting to make a bribe"