Number of Times Bush to blame 9/11 for his problems
2 Amount of times Bush expected to chuckle when Kerry calls him a “Master Debator”


The amount of toes on Kerry’s right foot
31 Amount of times Bush will use 9/11 to justify being reelected
3 How many people will find something on this site amusing
536 Amount of times Bush will call Kerry a ‘Flip Flopper’
1 How Many times Kerry will defend himself against Bush
None How many balls John Kerry has
201,054 How many words will avoid using because he can’t pronounce them
29 How many years ago the Vietnam War ended
11 The percentage of people that will base their vote on the Vietnam war
1 How many times Bush will use 9/11 to justify getting Dan Rather fired (he’s a very confused little boy)


How many times Kerry’s wife will make him plug Heinz ketchup during the debate
2486 The amount of lies Dick Cheney will tell
2487 The amount of lies the American people will beileve
0 How many things that will be accomplished tonight

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