Can any of these men bring us a 2015 as cool as the one in Back to the Future 2? The first candidate that promises me a hoverboard has my vote.

Last night’s republican debate went mostly to protocol. Gingrich complained about the media, Sanctorum mentioned “Romney Care”, Mitt Romney tried to get his robot heart to feel emotion. But one unscripted moment did occur from forgotten candidate Ron Paul.

Ron Paul was giving his list of government agencies he’d eliminate including the FCC, Department of Energy, Depart of Transportation, PBS, The Executive Branch, everything east of Reno and of course the Department of Education. The moderator, the dude from the news channel no one watches, then asked how kids would learn without the Department of Education running schools.

“Who needs schools,” Paul began a speech that he had already been giving for months from atop Magic Furrytail Mountain in the Grapelove village that only exists in his head, “kids these days have Wikipedia. All kids have the iPads, Androids, Pagers, Newtons, what have you. Why do they need to learn, anything they need to know they can find out via that internet. Big Government shouldn’t be telling us what to think or do, conservative talk show hosts should.”

The remarks through the debate off kilter for a minute, but was quickly back on track when Gingrich smiled and let out a let loose a serious of racial epitaphs.

No follow up question was asked because that would be journalism, and there was no point to that. Also, it is well known Ron Paul is only allowed to speak at debates when Sanctorum and Romney’s throats need to rest from yelling at each other and Gingrich needs a moment to deflate his head.

The only other question asked of Ron Paul that night was in regards to his thought’s on Whitney Houston’s death. Paul answered with a rant about batters coming in A, C and D but not B.

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