Hundreds of protesters crowded the Westbury Walmart yesterday as a part of the occupy Walmart movement.

Protesting everything from the sell out of the new Justin Bieber singing toothbrush to the price of bananas the occupier’s motives are being questioned by news pundits.

“I don’t know hat they are jabbering about,” Bill O’Reily said after a segment about the war on Talk Like a Pirate Day, “I just want to be able to buy my bottle of Sam’s Cola in peace.”

Meanwhile controversy erupted when Walmart asked for the garden section be cleared out so they could clean it. However protesters saw right through Walmart’s lie, since it is well known that Walmart never cleans any part of their stores.

It’s not all bad for business though, Walmart has reported a 133% increase in sales of Great Value brand Tofu.

An impromptu march down the roads to Sak’s Fifth Avenue was unsuccessful due the retailer’s no shirt no shoe policy.

Police have yet to intervene, but are keeping a close eye on the situation from the bakery section.

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