In honor of Steve Jobs, we will be reposting 5 Apple related posts to What better way to mourn than to make fun of their life’s work?

The following was originally posted September 9, 2005:


This may be from over 6 years ago, but many people are saying this a problem with the iPhone 4s. It doesn’t look any different than the iPhone 4, how will anyone know who’s cooler. I wonder if Steve Jobs was the CEO at the time if he would of let this happen. They could have at least introduced a different color or finish.

While most of us don’t really know Steve Jobs personally or otherwise there is no doubt he has impacted all of our lives. iTunes completely reformed the music industry after Napster killed it. The iPod changed the way we listen to music (although with low bitrate encoded mp3s/aac files the norm I might argue for the worse). iPhones changed the way we access information. Even if you don’t an iPhone, whatever phone you do own is most likely either trying to emulate what the iPhone does or beat it.

Steve Jobs could very well had the biggest impact on the lives of this generation more than any other person.

Plus he helped create Pixar, so without him we wouldn’t have Wall-E, think about that.

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