Somehow Donald got multiple Douchebag badges.

Alec Baldwin, best known as the brother of famous actor Billy Baldwin, has announced his intent on becoming the mayor of New York City on Foursquare. Mr. Baldwin made this declaration as a guest on Larry King Live, which although it’s technically no longer carried by CNN,  Mr. King still runs the show in his laundry room while doing his “suspender and garder” load.


“I’ve been checking in everyday,” Mr. Baldwin said while King starched his weekend underwear, “I even left a tip: Check out Poptart World in Times Square, it’s the second best place in the city to get a Poptart.”


So far Baldwin has only managed to secure mayorships of the Phantom of the Opera souvenir stand and something called “Alec’s Love Pad”.



Fun Fact: Alec Baldwin starred in a movie named “Running With Scissors” which was also the name of an album by “Weird Al” who was prohibited of doing a song called “Gee, I’m a Nerd” as a parody of “Free as a Bird” which was by the Beatles whose drummer was Ringo Starr who played in “Shiny Time Station” as Mr. Conductor who in the movie was played by Alec Baldwin. Conspiracy experts, start your theories!

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