After years of trying to get a grip on those huge overweight Coke cans a relief
is finally in sight! Coke is introducing the 5oz coke can!

By reducing the size of their current coke size from 12 ounces by 58% the can is
much lighter and easier to hold.

“I was always having a hard time holding the current size can,” Coke paid
exsignifiacant MLB player Cal Ripken Jr. to tell us, “I could never drink from
them because I feared I would strain the fingers on my throwing hand and have to
sit out a game. If we had these new cans while I played I could have gone
another 2000 games.”

The best part is that Coke was able to lower the size without changing the price.
Scientists had to work around the clock to figure out how to succeed with such a
feet, but in the end were able to pull it out.

The new Coke cans should be on store shelves by the end of the month right
between the 1.5 liter Coke bottles and the same priced, but larger sized, Pepsi

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