Facebook introduced yet another pointless exciting feature earlier today. Soon you will be able to share the contents of your refrigerator with all your friends.

“The new Facebook Enabled Fridge will monitor  what’s inside it and let people know what you’ve been eating,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg posted to his wall right next to a picture of a solid gold fanny pack he had purchased.

Facebook users will see updates such as “Matt Franco just drank a can of Surge.”

Users will also be able to earn achievements, such as “Walking Contradiction” for having both Slim Fast and a gallon of ice cream in the fridge at the same time or “He must have a vendetta against his butthole” for having jalapenos, spicy Italian sausages,  hot sauce, chili peppers and Hot Wings.

But that’s not all, users will also be able to get PMs from their fridge.

“Imagine that you’re in the supermarket and you suddenly get a Facebook message on your phone reminding you need milk or haggis,” Mr. Zuckerburg said while riding a dolphin in his football field sized bathtub in a video he posted on his profile .

Of course advertising will come into play as well. Do not be surprised if in the future you see ads on the site telling you “Max Webb likes to eat Dunkaroo’s! Why don’t you?”

If your fridge items do begin posting to Facebook, go into your privacy setting and make sure “Allow Facebook to have power of attorney” has a check next to it.  It should be turned on by default.

Also, make sure you have a Facebook enabled Refrigerator, they can be found at a fine retailer near you for the low MSRP of $3999.99.

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