Weapons of Mass Destruction Found On Ebay

The search is over! After weeks of grilling Saddam Hussein, he has finally
unveiled where he has put the weapons of mass destruction. eBay!

Pentagon official celebrated as they entered the words “weapons of mass
destruction” into the ebay search box and did indeed come up with the desired

“It was right there the whole time,” Donald Rumsfeild told us, “I had my 11
year old nephew do up a search and it was right there. Between postings for a
“President Bush is the weapon of Mass Destruction” bumper sticker and a gay
porno video called “Weapons of Mass Intrusion.”

Asked if the white house planned on bidding on the item, Rumsfeild responded no.
Apparently the White House’s Paypal budget has already been spent for the year
by Bush on a Alf sock puppet.

Mr. Rumsfeild told us not worry though because the current high bidder in some
guy named “Al Keida” and that once he wins the item America will just bomb his
house and “free” the people that reside within.

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