President Obama’s State of the Union address took a surprising turn when he called for an end to the bickering over who is the better Tonight Show host.
“Look… I know some of you think Leno is better… and others think Conan is better… but we need to put our differences aside, and worry what’s best for the American television viewer,” Obama said between his remarks on increasing exports and how awesome he thought the iPad was going to be.
“Personally… I prefer Conan. When he started hosting The Tonight Show, that was change. Change I could believe in.”
That was met with thunderous applause, at least from the left half of the crowd. Republicans remained seated and made frowney faces to show that they disagreed.
“I like Change,” Obama added.
Robert F. McDonnell, in the Republican rebuttal, offered his party’s view.
“Leno is clearly better,” McDonnell said, “he appeals to us red states because he wears an American flag pin. A pin, may I remind you, Obama didn’t wear sometimes about 20 months or so ago.”
McDonnell also offered further reasoning why he preferred Leno.
“Did you see that one show where he went on the street, I think the bit was called Leno strolling, and asked that guy what book the quote ‘It was the worse of times’ was from, and the guy said Harry Potter. That was hilarious,” McDonnell was hardly able to finish the sentence due to his laughing so hard, but managed to go on, “The guy didn’t even specify which Harry Potter book he thought it was from.”
Jay Leno, appearing on Oprah after being lured there by the chance she might give him a another car for his collection, said in response to the Presidents remarks, “Obama has bigger things to worry about than me. Have you seen his ratings lately? They’re worse than mine. If he becomes any less popular NBC might give him The Tonight Show.”

Conan O’Brien could not be reached from comment, but it was reported that after he heard what the president had to say he did an idiotic dance. However, he dances around like that all the time all the time so it probably nothing to do with anything

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