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It what may be a landmark lawsuit, two teenage girls, with the help of a money hungry lawyer, are suing Taco Bell after getting gas.

"Omigod, it was so disgusting," said Tiffany Stone, whose name we weren't suppose to mention because of her age, "They should put, like, a warning on those things."

Allegedly Tiffany, and her friend Melissa, were enjoying a Cheesy Gordida Crunch on a date (no, not with each other, but if that's the way you want to picture it in your sick mind, go ahead) in the Broadway Mall Food court. Without warning the two passed gas.

"It was horrible," said Melissa, the other low brain powered teen, "I was just sitting there eating my taco when all the sudden I could feel something not quite right down below. Then all the sudden I felt this huge amount of air approaching my ass. I tried to clench my cheeks together to hold it in, but it was too late. I farted right there in front of this hot guy. It was so embarrassing!"

She then broke into tears as I ran into another room to laugh.

"Oh c'mon, man. Everybody knows to the Taco gives you gas. It's stupid," a Taco Bell employee told us as he urinated behind a dumpster behind the restaurant, "That's like not thinking we should bomb the crap out of Saddam." After this statement another employee next to him also urinating started arguing on the whole Iraq thing as I walked away becausae I was sick of hearing about it.

Other wondered where the parents were, like Sally Soaper who said, "Where are the parents at?"

Officials at Taco Bell, and other fine Mexican take-out places such as 'Eat my Taco' and 'Eat Mexican, South of the Border (if you know what I mean),' worry that this could open a whole slew of lawsuits.

"First they sue us over gas, next they'll be suing us because the beef is actually nothing but grounded roaches," said owner John Pepsico.

More as this story develops.