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Every state has it positives and negatives. Like for example: Delaware’s positive is that it has no sales tax and housing is affordable, but the negative is it’s Delaware.

But let’s forget the positives. The folks at PolicyMic decided to be a bunch of Negative Nancys and come up with the statistically worse thing about each state. Here’s what they came up with:


Some of these are pretty bad, or weird. Like that Louisiana has the highest rate of gonorrhea or that Alaska has the most suicides (although most of those were probably people ashamed to be represented by Sarah Palin).

Washington is best (worse?) known for bestiality,

Washington is best (worse?) known for bestiality,

Here in New York the worse thing is average daily commute. I can live with that, especially since my commute is less than 10 minutes, while the state average is 30.

Also, the worse they could come up with for Ohio is nerdiest? They based that on that it has the highest percentage of people who visits libraries. How is that a bad thing? Is this the stupid states making fun of the smart state because they’re really so ashamed of how dumb they are? I guess high school really does prepare you for the real world.

Anyone else think Nebraska (highest rate of females murdered) needs to recruit some of those female criminals from Oklahoma to help even the score?

If you want to read more about horrible your state is, you can read the entire list by clicking your little mouse pointer here (or tapping your finger if you’re on one of those fancy touch screen thingies).

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The dollar store. Is their anyplace more wonderful? Besides Disney World, the movies, stonehenge and the dumpster behind Dunkin’ Donuts.

Here are some things found on mt recent visit.


orn dog’s are tasty, so nothing wrong with some mix to make your own. However it doesn’t help if you print the wrong instructions on the box. Luckily someone stamped it with a correction.


Remember Levi Johnston? No, of course not, because this isn’t 2008. Levi Johnston was the guy that knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter. Nobody really cared then and nobody cares now for sure. That explains why Mr. Johnston’s book can now be had for a buck (Ha! A buck! And the book is called Deer in the headlights. What a delightful pun!).

The cover is pretty damn scary. Almost as scary of the thought of a Palin presidency.


The Sims Online was an online game. Note the word was. The servers have been down for years, in other words this game isn’t so much a game but just a shiny coaster. Still, it’s probably more enjoyable in this form than it ever was as a game.


Not only does Larry The Cable Guy make crappy movies, he apparently makes crappy food too. But, as you can see from the word bubble coming out of Mr. Cable Guy’s mouth, we have to try it.

To be fair though, this mix is currently listed on Amazon for $8.48, so this is a great way to get explosive diarrhea for an eighth of the price.

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