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b907b1_9e8b125bb4934b85bb6f69b3c7355933I remember when I was a kid and you could get a dozen donuts for $4. I also remember only getting five channels, having to hand crank cars, white powdered wigs being all the rage, the big bang, and the Alamo… but I’m getting off track.

Donuts are getting expensive. For example, a place in Brooklyn is selling a $100 donut. For your Benjamin you get a pastry filled with an ube moose and champagne jelly, Oh, and it’s also covered in 24kt gold. This isn’t your run of the mill Boston Cream (although I would prefer to eat a Boston Cream over this).

Now, of course no officer on a New York City cop’s salary is going to be able to afford this, but do not fret! You can get a dozen for just $1000! That’s 20% off. You can’t afford not to buy these donuts.

Manila Social, the eatery offering this donut just waiting to be sent to Cash4Gold, also sell Spam fried rice and Spam fries. Yum, maybe? They also have noodles with duck confit that I misread as Duck Confetti, which sounds a lot better, and messier, to me.

Before you rush to eat your $100 donut, think about saving it for dessert. For your main course I recommend the $69 hot dog.

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Spoiled food or delicious ethnic food?

Spoiled food or delicious ethnic food?

If somebody were to ask you to name a Chinese food, there’s a good chance you would respond with chop suey. But, like fortune cookies, it’s not even from China.

Chop Suey is a stir fry dish commonly made with beef, chicken, or fish. The name itself refers to different types of food. While the origin of the dish is disputed one popular theory is that it’s garbage:

The theory suggest that a Chinese chef was mad at the way a group of customers were treating him. As revenge he took all the scraps of food in the kitchen that was meant for the garbage and cooked it up. The customers loved it though, and continued to ask for it on future visits.

Of course, that may not be true and there could be a much boring story about it’s history. But, I prefer to think we’re all just eating trash.



And now for the part where i recycle old stories from this site that vaguely have something to do with a current event. I call it:

Regurgitated Cheese

Yesterday was Pepsi’s 115th birthday, or at least that’s what they claim. Here are some past posts having to do with the sugary diabetic’s nightmare:

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The dollar store. Is their anyplace more wonderful? Besides Disney World, the movies, stonehenge and the dumpster behind Dunkin’ Donuts.

Here are some things found on mt recent visit.


orn dog’s are tasty, so nothing wrong with some mix to make your own. However it doesn’t help if you print the wrong instructions on the box. Luckily someone stamped it with a correction.


Remember Levi Johnston? No, of course not, because this isn’t 2008. Levi Johnston was the guy that knocked up Sarah Palin’s daughter. Nobody really cared then and nobody cares now for sure. That explains why Mr. Johnston’s book can now be had for a buck (Ha! A buck! And the book is called Deer in the headlights. What a delightful pun!).

The cover is pretty damn scary. Almost as scary of the thought of a Palin presidency.


The Sims Online was an online game. Note the word was. The servers have been down for years, in other words this game isn’t so much a game but just a shiny coaster. Still, it’s probably more enjoyable in this form than it ever was as a game.


Not only does Larry The Cable Guy make crappy movies, he apparently makes crappy food too. But, as you can see from the word bubble coming out of Mr. Cable Guy’s mouth, we have to try it.

To be fair though, this mix is currently listed on Amazon for $8.48, so this is a great way to get explosive diarrhea for an eighth of the price.

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That thing above is called a Lamprey and it is damn right terrifying. This jawless fish feeds by latching onto it’s prey and then using it’s teeth to dig into the flesh until it gets to the tasty blood and bodily fluids.

They rarely attack humans. Of course the keyword in that last sentence is “rarely” meaning that they have. They will only will feed on people if starved. So if you are thinking of putting one of these in your  boss’s toilet as a prank, make sure you don’t feed it for a week first.

If you are wondering where these things are common to, so you can avoid these areas at all cost, I hate to say they may be closer than you think. The one above was found in New Jersey. making it the second ugliest thing known for sucking after Snooki in the state. They are also considered a major pest in the Great Lakes because they are eating all the good fish and making fishermen sad.

Of course if the lamprey eat the fish you were planning on eating, just get your revenge at eat the lamprey. Lamprey is has been a delicacy for years. In fact in 1135 King Henry I dies after eating a lamprey pie that had been poisoned.  All I know is next time I’m at Crumb’s I will not be looking for a lamprey cupcake to eat.

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