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Get in your DeLorian, fire up the flux compasitor, and take a trip with me back to 1988 for the most awesome thing you may ever watch. Trust me, watch this:


Okay, how did this air on TV?  We have 300 channels now and I can’t imagine this ever airing, how in the world did this ever air in a time where there was maybe a tenth of that amount.

And how about that opening monologue? With that talk of cavemen and dinosaurs existing at the same time, Alan Thicke’s costar Kirk Cameron may have been brainwashing him a little bit.

Let’s not forget the bottoms these woman were wearing. They were so high they could have doubled as tops.


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duoro_ev6May I present to you the Maxi Swatch, or Swatch wall clock, or Why the hell do you have a giant wrist watch on your wall.

mnBFOcrOFVdfstvLJgT-qZwThe Maxi Swatch was originally introduced in 1987 and was meant to be released slowly as a way to create buzz about the company. I’m not sure how true that is, because I remember seeing a ton of them at the Flea Market. Of course, it being a flea market, there was a good chance they were bootleg knock-offs.

I didn’t understand the appeal of these things. Let me take up 7 ft. off my wall space with one of these comically large wrist watches. I assume the same people that own these are the ones with the large novelty crayons, bean bag chairs, pink flamingos in the front yard and a Santa Claus doll in a Hawaiian  shirt.

Nonetheless, if you do find yourself in possession of one, don’t just toss it into the nearest comically large rubbish bin. These things can fetch $500 or more on the second hand market. Excuse me while I check if my pogs have appreciated over 18¢ yet.

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