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Baby New Year 1939, has still got it.

Baby New Year 1937, he’s still got it.

The Jokes:

Some experts think Milk may go up to $8 a gallon. It’d be cheaper for me to go back to drinking gas.

Unless the government pulls a miracle out of their ass (like Republicans and Democrats working together) tonight taxes will go up, important programs will have their budgets slashed and defense will be reduced. So know you have a real reason to drink tonight.

Tonight millions will watch the ball drop in Times Square. It’s be the most watched dropping balls since the kid from Two and a Half Men.

 Top 12 Videos:

Another year is over. It really doesn’t mean anything. Just another day, another month. The biggest challenge will be trying to remember to write 2013 on everything.

By the way, here’s useless fact: 2013 is the first time since 1987 to have completely different numbers in the year.

Here, I present to you 12 of my favorite videos I’ve seen this year. This is not the top twelve watched by everyone, just 12 videos I liked enough to repost now.Why not spend the last day of the year the same you spend most of your days, watching stupid videos.

Okay, here we go in no particular order:

First up, what happens you cover part of the floor in an alley with glue? Well the Japanese know:

What does Jason do the day after Friday the 13th? This, apparently:

Shmoyoho are the kings of auto-tune. With the election they had some pretty great stuff out, but this is my favorite:

I don’t what is going on in this video. The title isn’t in English, it has something to do with Super Mario Brothers, and it’s only 7 seconds long.

Speaking of Mario Brothers, remember that horrible Mario movie from the 80s? If not, you are lucky. Here is some clips from that film with some nice commentary from the guys at Rifftrax/MST3K:

Can Jimmy Fallon make Barbeshop Quartets cool again? No. But this is the best attempt since the B-Sharps:

Cross one of the greatest shows with one of the greatest presidents and what do you get? No, not James K. Polk drinking at Cheers. You get this:

Here are some fake outtakes from The Dark Knight Rises. Make sure you watch long enough to at least see Bane’s musical performance.

Game shows are dumb. And so are many of the people on them. For example:

Man goats are weird. WEIRD!

What happens when you leave your car running in reverse and the acceleration gets stuck down? This. Let this be a warning to Hyundai owners:

Finally. From Brazil a video that could certainly never be made in America. The film makers would have lawsuits up the wazoo after all the heart attacks.

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The Jokes:

Twitter is going allow people to download all their tweets. Now I can have a hard copy of what I ate 5 years ago.

With the Fiscal Cliff looming Republicans and Democrats still seem to be far from reaching a deal.  On the bright side the world is going to end in a few days anyway so we don’t really have to worry about it.

It sounds as if John Kerry will be the next Secretary of State taking the place of Hillary Clinton. When did the Secretary state position become a spotlight for failed Presidential candidates?

TGIF Christmas:


Hey it’s a TGIF Christmas! Anybody who was a child during the early 90’s remembers that watching ABC on Friday night was a must. What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by reliving the Christmas specials of our youth.

First up is an episode of Family Matters where Steve Urkel and Carl get stuck on a subway together. A couple of things to watch for is a joke with the punchline “wine and hookers” which I didn’t expect to hear. Also there’s a creepy moment when Urkel whispers, “not while I’m cutting”.


Next we got Full House. This is a classic TV sitcom scenario. The Tanners go on vacation but wind up stranded at the airport on Christmas. Warning, the jokes in this are unbelievably cheesy. Who would of thought the show with Bob Saget would be the one without the hooker joke.

I never watched Boy Meets World much, and I in no way remember this episode. But the show was popular and with the rumors of it coming back, how could I leave it out?

And finally, Perfect Strangers. Unfortunately I could only find this clip, but I’m including it anyway since this show was always my favorite.

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Yeah, the second Star Trek related post in a row. So much for variety.

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Here’s a video I made back in 2006. Remember back then? The country was in two wars, some song called “Laffy Taffy” was on top of the charts, many of us was 5 years younger?

This is basically just a slideshow I made with iMovie to go along with a They Might Be Giants song. But it’s still entertaining and the song is still great.



This had been published to at one point, but seems to have been lost to the ages.

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