Bill Maher Rips Off

For the second time is just weeks had
it’s website plagiarized. This time on HBO.

“Yes we’ve finally made the big time,” Our own Lance Froman told me as
I made him rotate the tires on my car, “we’re just not having our
material stolen by small time websites now, we’re on premium TV.”

On a special starring Bill Maher called Victory Begins At Home that
aired last Saturday Maher commented that, “the LAPD was on their way to
Iraq to plant the weapons of mass destruction.” This was an obvious
referance to our
LAPD story from just a week ago.

“That’s just stupid,” Mr. Fish, also our own unfortunately, told us,
“Bill Maher has been doing that show for months on Broadway before that
show aired or you made you’re stupid story. It’s more likely you ripped
him off!”

To which I responded by slinking into the corner any crying to myself.

More to come…. no, not really. I don’t have anything else to say
about this. Nope. Nothing else. Sorry if you’re disappointed. Bye!


He’s no doubt trying to think of

a way to incorporate a character

with a fish for a head into his show…

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